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Last Modified: June 14, 2007

All those submitting materials ("submitters") must adhere to the following submission guidelines:

All submitters must remit a completed User Content Submission Agreement form to MTV Networks ("MTVN"). All information that you provide in connection with the User Content Submission Agreement form or otherwise in connection with the materials you submit may be disclosed on this website and/or in any other manner in connection with "MTV2 On the Rise" program and the materials you submit.

We ask that submitters refrain from submitting the following:

* Materials which display commercial products (e.g., clothing, toys, food) and/or their trademarks, brands or logos.

* Materials with gratuitous gun imagery/gestures.

* Materials which contain hard liquor placement.

* Materials which contain nudity.

* Materials which reference phone numbers, website links and/or personal addresses - physical, email or otherwise.

* Materials which contain images of license plates.

* Materials which contain clothing or signage with logos

* Materials which endorse or condone illegal drug or alcohol abuse.

* Materials which contain explicit, graphic or excessive sexual activity.

* Materials which contain derogatory characterizations of any ethnic, racial, sexual or religious groups.

* Materials which contain gratuitous violence.

* Materials which contain language which is vulgar or offensive.

* Materials which contains material that is prohibited under's Terms of Use.

* Materials which contain copyrighted work (e.g. movie clips, music, television clips)

* Materials which contain copyrighted work (e.g. movie clips, music, television clips)

Any materials which do not conform to these guidelines will not be accepted. MTVN reserves the right to reject any materials that it deems, in its sole discretion, to violate any of the policies of the MTV Networks Standards and Practices Guidelines. MTVN may modify or edit any materials, or request submitters to do so, in order for the materials to meet the accepted guidelines.

Materials must be submitted in the following formats: music - MP3 and must be no more than 5 MB in size; and photo - JPG and must be 72 DPI resolution and exactly 233 pixels Wide and 145 pixels High.

This User Content Guidlines was last modified on June 14, 2007 and is effective immediately.

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